How To Join the Ordinariate

How Can I Join the Ordinariate?
Most people who desire to join the Ordinariate do so in the context of an Ordinariate community. The Ordinariate’s founding document, Anglicanorum Coetibus gives us direction regarding membership in the Ordinariate.
AC IX. Both the lay faithful as well as members of Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, originally part of the Anglican Communion, who wish to enter the Personal Ordinariate, must manifest this desire in writing.
No one is automatically a member of the Ordinariate, unless you are a minor child of an Ordinariate member. Rather, those who want to belong to the Ordinariate must 1) be eligible, and 2) submit a signed membership application. Membership applications should be submitted to your Ordinariate pastor or leader. If you do not have a local Ordinariate community, please send your application via the US mail so that the Ordinariate has a hard copy record with both names and signatures. We also request that any other documents or lists sent to us electronically need to be in PDF format and sent as attachments.  
Membership Eligibility
To belong to the Personal Ordinariate, a person or family must be eligible. A person is eligible for membership if they, their spouse, or any member of their family is or ever has been Anglican, Episcopalian, Methodist, or AME. This applies even if the person or their spouse has already become a Roman Catholic. Catholics who are reconciled to the Church and those Catholics who will be completing their sacraments of initiation in an Ordinariate community are also eligible for membership. 
If you are a part of or close to a current Ordinariate community, please make yourself known to the pastor or leader of that community. You should submit your completed membership application directly to your pastor or leader, and they will forward it along to us.
If you are a current or former Episcopalian, Anglican, Methodist, or AME, or you are now in a Catholic RCIA program, please fill out and sign the membership application found on this website. If there is an Ordinariate community within a reasonable distance from you, we suggest that you join them to do your preparation to come into the Church. If not, we suggest you attend your local Latin Catholic Church’s RCIA program, and be received into your local Catholic parish. Please inform the Ordinariate when you have been received so that we can enroll you.
If you are an Episcopalian or Anglican parish or group that is interested in corporately joining the Ordinariate, your rector or priest needs to begin the process by identifying your parish to the Ordinariate and filling out a community profile questionnaire. All enquiries will be strictly confidential. Later in the process your leader should have members fill our membership applications, collect them, and collectively submit them to us. Similarly, if you are a Catholic group of former Anglicans, each person or family must submit an application to us. In addition, your leader needs to send a letter to the Ordinariate to identify how many members you have in your group. Also, please let us know if you have a particular Catholic priest who is assisting your or guiding you as a group, and/or if you have a diocesan contact person, along with all his or her contact information.
If you are a member of a current Pastoral Provision parish or community, each person or nuclear family must submit a membership application to the Ordinariate. Membership in the Ordinariate is separate from membership in your local diocesan parish. Please be aware that decisions about the status of pastoral provision parishes will be made by the local diocesan bishop, in consultation with Msgr. Steenson and your community’s leadership.
What if I am not eligible for membership?
If you are not eligible for membership in the Ordinariate but would like to remain connected to us, you and your family can also submit a membership application to the Ordinariate. We will register you as an Ordinariate “affiliate”. While this will not make you a formal member, it will allow us to remain in touch with you, send you updates, and generally keep in touch. 

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